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Content is King! (Freshness Update)

Freshness Update
It’s been awhile since my last post and I’ve been planning on adding an article on the importance of quality content. So it was obvious after last week’s “Freshness” update that now was a better time than ever before to touch on what makes good content and why it’s important to your search marketing campaign.

The latest reports are saying that somewhere around 35 percent of the search results were affected by the change. While primarily an extension of 2010′s Caffeine update, the newly revised search engine algorithm aims to provide end users with more current and updated content. The idea is that some of the older, outdated content in place on well established high ranking domains will no longer dominate the SERPs.

A number of newer websites have already benefited from the Freshness update. Mr Link Builder being one of them, I’m now enjoying PR2 status and increased search rankings for a number of keywords.

So what does this all mean to your website? Well, it simply means that if you haven’t already, you should update your site and/or start a blog page if you don’t already have one. I’ve even seen a couple of sites gain authority from simply adding a Twitter feed to help generate fresh content. Not exactly the best way to develop original content, but an interesting strategy none the less.

Many SEO professionals have long known that hosting quality ORIGINAL content is a major advantage to any search marketing campaign. Your content can not only help you gain rankings for additional keywords and topics you may not have otherwise been found for, but it can also help to build a solid foundation of RSS readers and followers of your site who are interested in seeing what other useful information your future postings may provide them. By offering lots of original content, you encourage the search engines and visitors alike to check back frequently on your website.

Some internet marketing companies have already taken the idea to the next level by offering to create and distribute content as part of an ongoing SEM campaign. This newly created content is being dispersed among relevant websites as a new form of link building and can often be of much more value to an individual site owner than just hosting a single link. By offering fresh content to the publisher, you can not only help provide an additional means of search visibility, but also help a website to entice readers with fresh and original information for regular visitors.

In closing I will just say this…

Search Engine Optimization is merely a matter of opinion. With ongoing updates to the algorithm and search marketing professionals constantly voicing their personal opinions on the changes, no one but the search engine employees themselves are in the know of what works and what doesn’t. Everything else is simply trial and error. A game which to me makes SEO one of the most intriguing and inspiring industries to be involved with. There are a few companies out there that have done a great job of testing these theories and I give thanks to them for all of the hard work and research they do to ensure that the rest of us can keep up with the search evolution.


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